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I am a photographic and moving image producer, and for years have wanted to transition my skills into something for the greater good, something beyond advertising and lining other people’s pockets. Something to do with animals and nature, to which I feel so akin to.

Two years ago I went to India for the first time and fell in love with the country, the people, myself, and above all, the animals there.

I came back and decided I could put my production skills to good use by making my own documentary on tiger conservation in India.

But where to begin?!!

I researched and contacted loads of NGO’s and national parks, but without any biology or fieldwork experience I hit wall after wall.

Eventually I decided to go down the volunteer route with a new program offered through The Great Projects In October 2013, I embarked on their first Great Tiger Project in Kanha National Park.

My first crack at the documentary was a learning curve to say the least, some parts are amazing… some are funny and slightly cringe-worthy now, but it was a start!

Since then I’ve been researching and developing a more concrete idea to the doc…

And so, in 6 weeks time, I will be returning to film and interview and seriously start making my dreams of raising awareness of tiger conservation a reality.

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copyright Emma de Heveningham 2013


copyright Emma de Heveningham 2013

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