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Recently one of my dear friends posted on all channels of social media photos of themselves curled up next to an overweight-female tiger on the cold concrete of a Thai tiger “reserve”. The next photo was of them cooing and stroking the belly of a very young cub, quoting they’re childhood dream had come true!

I was so upset that I actually felt sick to my stomach, and angry, that such a well-traveled, learned, spiritual friend, could support this and brag about it on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

And so here I am, to share with those who may not have considered what these places really are:

– tourist traps taking your money in exchange to be photographed next to a sedated tiger
– perpetuating the seize of wild tigers for human amusement, illegal trade in tigers and tiger parts, and contributing to the tiger farms of Asia
– capturing and raising tigers in captivity, to serve their life sentence in small enclosures for you to pop in and see them on your exotic holidays
– encouraging wild animals to become used to humans, but when they attack a visitor they are condemned, beaten and sometimes destroyed.

And most importantly where do these young orphaned tigers come from to reach the “sanctuary”? From their mothers and fathers being poached, maimed, and murdered for Chinese medicines.  Or those who are born into captivity and hand reared, fed by bottles, handled by tourists, and kept apart from their mothers.

Perhaps it’s worth pointing out then that every time one of you posts a photo of yourself on twitter, facebook, Instagram, dating websites, Tinder, etc, YOU are saying it’s okay to keep these wild creatures in captivity, artificially sedated so they don’t attack you while you snuggle with them, or hug and feed their young cub kept separated by wires, so close that you can see and smell him but you can’t lick him and protect him from all of these humans touching him. He will never have a chance to roam wild, he is doomed to pace his small enclosure until he paces so much he goes insane.  Living a life at the end of a short chain, on concrete floors, instead of roaming for miles through tall grasses, fearing humans and hunting for themselves.

Because THIS is the truth of what happens to these creatures.

Who can believe that any animal in captivity is a happy animal?

According to Wikipedia (March 8, 2015), following an investigation and letters written by numerous NGO’s and animal welfare associations, Tiger Temple “does not have the facilities, the skills, the relationships with accredited zoos, or even the desire to manage its tigers in an appropriate fashion. Instead, it is motivated both in display of the tigers to tourists and in its illegal trading of tigers purely by profit.”

If you care about animal welfare and keeping tigers in the wild, then please DON’T SUPPORT http://www.tigertemplethailand.com

One only has to look at these attached images to show that these animals have no choice, no natural instincts, they are chained up, drugged up, and available for your tourist dollars.

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(Disclaimer:  All of these photos were found on the internet simply by googling Tiger Temple Thailand, all copyrights belong to their rightful owners)

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