3 new cubs in Panna tiger reserve

Today my cousin posted on facebook a lovely quote by Nelson Mandela:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

In this vein, I want to share that starting this blog about tigers and wildlife conservation is massively rewarding and exhilarating for me, but if I’m honest, a little bit scary too.  On one hand there’s the fear of what others will think of my view points, that I may say the wrong thing, that politically some of what I will be posting could get me in hot water, and of course the personal fear that no one will read it!

But on the other hand lies my passion and hope for change, for the opportunity to share good news with my readers, to hopefully demonstrate that each and everyone of us can keep these beautiful big cats where they belong, in the wild.

And so today when I saw this uplifting story from http://tigertime.info/ I wanted to spread my own hope to you.  A tigress known as T-6 was spotted this week with 3 young cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve, MP, India.  This reserve in Madhya Pradesh had lost all of its tigers to poaching back in 2009, but through a reintroduction programme, there are now 26 new tigers in the reserve.

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